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A private skincare studio for all genders.

Dedicated to luxury, self-acceptance, and consistent results.


Brazilian Waxing for all Genders


Sculpting, Laminations, Tinting, Henna



Facials, Acne Management, Dermaplaning, Nanoneedling, Chemical Peels, Microneedling


Specializing in

Brazilians, Brows & Skincare



A Passion for Aesthetics & Beauty Education

Since 2007, Alex began her beauty career in the world of aesthetics as a self-taught Makeup Artist specializing in red carpet ready looks. She has worked in various photo shoots for clothing campaigns, runway shows for top high-end designers and trained under globally-known leading makeup artists such as Renny Vasquez and Sam Fine. 


In 2018, Alex decided that she wanted to offer something new to her clients so she enrolled at Christine Valmy the following year for their Wax Specialist program. Here is where Alex shined and her name and reputation spread throughout the tri-state area. Alex is known for being one of the few wax specialists in New York to exclusively provide Brazilian waxing, Brow & Skincare services for ALL genders. She created bare. Waxing & Aesthetics in 2020 with the idea of creating a judgement-free & LGBTQ-friendly space for all genders to receive the spa services they desire.


"Alex is truly a master in her craft, not only with waxing and aesthetics but also ensuring her clients have an individualized experience perfect for them...It’s evident that Alex wants the best of the best for her clients so they keep coming back, and it definitely worked on me!


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